Suresh Chandra BauddhaThe President of Youth Buddhist Society (YBS), who is the founder of The Youth Buddhist Society through the great inspiration of his late father.
He is such a simple and humble person who has a simple aim of life that is “Create peace in the world through Buddhist ideology“.
His hobby is “Providing help to needy people“, able to speak Hindi and Korean fluently, and the moderate level of English.

Ven.Dr. Upanad Thero, The secretary of YBS. He ordained in the year 1991 in Shravasti (where Buddha spent his 25 rainy seasons) by Venerable Pragyanand Maha Thero in Srilankan Theravada tradition.
He had been to Britain twice, for the purpose of giving Dharma teaching.
He has been working with Youth Buddhist Society as Dharma resource person for many years. He is humble, humorous and energetic, eager to learn new things, open in the sense of Dharma, culture, and technology.

Nyanabhadra, originally from Indonesia, previously was a Computer Engineer, being left his job and pursue Buddhism study and Tibetan language at Library of Tibetan Work & Archives, later study in Institute of Thosamling and two years at College for Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarah.
He has been helping to develop and design the website for many years, now he is residing at Upper Hamlet – Plum Village in France with the well known Zen Master, Thich Nhat Nhan.

Jo Hyejin is from South Korea, staying in Seoul. Joyful and full of the wonderful idea to better visual information. Currently, she is a freelancer TV program director, she is spending her time to contribute to YBS video and photographer. She is very experienced in this work. She studied English in Australia. She has many years of experience working on TV programmes, mostly documentary program.

Kailash Chandra Bauddha, He is the man behind every scene, he has been working for YBS for

quite a long time. Before he was pursuing Buddhism Philosophy and Tibetan Language at Library of Tibetan Work & Archives.
Now he is continuing Madhyamika Philosophy (UMA), Tibetan Buddhist Studies in Institute of Buddhist Dialectic, McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, H.P.Now he is Hindi Translator of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He is also do translation Tibetan to Hindi and English to Hindi books.

61949_10200139106308834_685470849_nUttam Bauddha, he was YBS head office in-charge, wi

th his calm and peace demeanor bring so much happiness to the fellow brothers and sisters. He has been working since 1997. He acquired many experiences in community building from several organization, that is why he has been organizing  work camps and peace march and many other activities. All work camps and peace march happened credited to him. He also attained some work camps in other countries.

Amod Bauddha, He is the active member from Bihar State. Under him, Youth Buddhist Society doing work in Bihar state. He has been working for YBS since 1998. He has the quite good skill to arrange programs and a good skill to communicate with peoples.


Praveen Bauddha is a smart and diligent boy, the one who can speak also English, acquired many experiences in YBS, and being sent to Cambodia almost one-year training, later helping Deer park to develop several projects.

Rakesh Bauddha has been working for Youth Buddhist Society technical group since 2002.
He is the director of Tathagat Institute of Information Technology (TIIT) private limited and Maitrey Producer Company Ltd. The main aim of this group is to spread technical education from village to village and make self-depend to youths and farmers.

DSC_8897Narendra Kumar Bauddha, he is from Rajasthan state, He is the co-coordinator of YBS for Rajasthan state. He is working there since 2004. He has a good capacity to communicate and make a group anywhere.


 Teerath Bauddha, he is from Bandipur Kanauj, Teerath is an upright and responsible person. Teerath has been with Youth Buddhist society since 2004. His specialty is to help to organize Dharma talk.


P.M. Bauddha, he is from Jaipur, Rajasthan. He is working with since 2008. He is the civil engineer and government employee. He has the big group there in Rajasthan. He has a good capacity to arrange Dhamma talk and make group anywhere.

Badan Singh Bauddha is from Etawah, Uttar Pradesh. He is working with YBS India for a long time. He is statue architecture. He is very active to promote Buddhism in Etawah and other districts of Uttar Pradesh.


Dr.Bhikkhu Tejawaro is from Taiwan and he is highly educated monk. He is with YBS for many years and he is the lifetime member of YBS. He has been teaching Buddhism in many countries for many years.

Nitin  Shakya is very extraordinary and expert in translation for medical doctors. He is helping YBS clinic since 2008 with selflessness attitude. He also studied Abhiddhamma in Thailand in the year 2016.

SUNILMr.Sunil Bauddha is from Badaun district and he is working with YBS since 2010, he is a very hard worker and has a good potential to organize programs.


Pooja Shakya she is YBS clinic manager since 2013. Before the clinic manager, she worked for YBS in the various field since 2008. She organizes medical camps in different districts and villages. She gained a GNM degree from Bhopal University.

Gaurav Bauddha is working with us since 2012. He is supporting us in various activities at the center.

Pravin Kumar is working since 2014. He is the youngest volunteer in our organization. He has various skills. Nowadays he is cameraman and electrician.


Kailash Kumar Bauddha is working in YBS clinic since 2014 and expert in Physical Therapy. He accumulates Bsc. in the year 2017. Now he is studying for BPT (Bachelor of Physical Therapist).

Sandhya Bauddha is an expert in health education in YBS clinic since 2015. After doing her Bsc.she is working with us as a dentist.



Dr.Manoj Mitra is the very experienced and qualified doctor in YBS clinic. He is working since 2016. He is very sincere for his work and helping patients in different villages too. He is an expert in Pain treatment, Asthma, Hypertension, Diabetes and dermal deceases.


Bipin Shakya is working in the clinic since 2016. Before working as a pharmacist he worked in health education. He is a very humble and honest volunteer in our team. He is continuing his Diploma in Pharmacy.


Dr.Kanti Pal is working with us since 2018. She completed her Bsc.in year 2011. She gained her B.A.M.S Degree in 2013 from Dr.B.C.Roy Complimentary Memorial Medicine Research Center, Kolkata.

Anil Kumar Shakya is from District Badaun, Uttar Pradesh. He has been working with YBS India since the year 2015. Very active for promoting Buddhism in his area.


Ashok Kumar Shakya is a young and dynamic volunteer. He belongs to Badaun District of Uttar Pradesh and pursuing his study in University. He is working as a volunteer since the year 2015.

Rajendra Singh Shakya is working with YBS India since 1995. He serves in many fields of YBS India. Now he is working as treasurer of YBS Etawah District, Uttar Pradesh. His profession is audio and visual.


I visited Sankisa with my late father in the year 1986. Sankisa is a holy place of Buddhists. This is the place where Buddha Shakyamuni descended from Pure-land of Tavatimsa. Buddha spent 3 months in Tavatimsa in order to give teaching to his mother.

Around Sankisa, there are Shakyan families who already have lost their root of Buddhism. As Buddha’s followers, we considered Buddhism is our precious teaching. That is why it is very important to preserve it and pass it to the next generation.

This is the main reason we established the Youth Buddhist Society of India (YBS) in the year 1986. YBS is non-government, non-profit, non-political, a grassroots initiative, involvement, and development among thousand of villages in India.

Social problems, poverty, environmental, economic, war, drugs, tsunami and so on. these became our problems, not the environment caused these disasters but we are as a human being who created causes to these disasters of course problem will keep coming but we will not just sit still but we want to solve the problems with the limited ability that we have.

Buddha said, there is Dukkha (Suffering). We can remove those suffering by removing its causes in order to attain happiness.

This world is a beautiful garden, various flowers blooming beautifully. We need to preserve and take good care of it because we don’t want to give the world full of “garbage” to our next generation. Let us forget about the caste system, religion, skin color, country and join hand in hand together to build a better world for our future generation.

Youth Buddhist Society of India is not just a simple organization but we a unity group of people from various race, religion, caste, and country. We are welcome everyone who wants to transform themselves, transform negativity to bring a peaceful world. Your contribution means a lot, even the smallest as well.