I visited Sankisa with my late father in year 1986, sankisa is a holy place of Shakya family, this is the place where Buddha Shakyamuni descended from Pure-land of Tavatimsa. Buddha spent 3 months in Tavatimsa in order to gave teaching to his mother.

Nowadays, those Shakya families already has lost their root of Buddhism, as a Buddha’s follower, we considered Buddhism is our precious teaching, that is why it is very important to preserve it and pass it to our next generation.

This is the main reason we established Youth Buddhist Society in year 1986, non-government, non-profit, non-political, a grass roots initiative, involvement and development among thousand of villages in India.

Social problem, poverty, environmental, economical, war, drugs, tsunami and so on, these became our problems, not the environment caused these disasters, but we are as a human being who created causes to these disasters, of course problem will keep coming but we will not just sit still, but we want to solve the problems with the limited ability that we have.

Buddha said, there is Dukkha (Suffering), he said that we can removed those suffering by remove the causes in order to attain happiness.

These days many weird modern sickness, mental thinking  become negative due to lack of training of spiritual, most of us too busy with our negativity and those negativity keep increasing day by day. We need to set back and look carefully what we had done, then we can think of the solution to control even removed those negativity.

This world is a beautiful garden, various flowers blooming beautifully, we need to preserve and take good care of it, because we don’t want to give the world full of “garbage” to our next generation, lets forget about caster system, religion, skin color, country, superiority, lets join hand in hand together to built a better world for our future generation.

Youth Buddhist Society is not just a simple organization, but we a unity group of people from various race, religion, caste and country, we are welcome everyone who want to transform themselves, transform those negativity to bring a peaceful world, your contribution means a lot, even the smallest as well. (Suresh Chandra Bauddha)

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