Education Activities impart a gradual process of acquiring knowledge and skills by learning, education gives a very significant value to human beings, that is why we started several schools in rural area.

The question is “Why in rural area?” Because the society from most of the rural area having difficulties on sending their children to school due to many condition that almost beyond one’s ability, such as lack of fee and stationary; also the misunderstanding that it is unnecessary to sent children to school.

Children were being forced to begging, collecting papers, polythene, and so on because of their inheritance, this will put an end to the children greatest potential in the future, hence we provide alternative education, start from the most simple school under the tree and shade, whatever earnest method to educated our next generation.

As the elder sayings, “Education is the main key for human life” this is the main reason we organize and built school purely for the benefits of many, not only the formal education, in addition we also provide informal course such as computer and sewing course for teenager.

More and more people expressed their appreciation on our effort to provide cheap education and useful course by donate their land, materials for building, energy, and so on, they donate whatever they have to encourage us to keep on striving for this activities, at the same we time take full responsibility on the education quality, this is one of the heaviest job beside finance problems.

Teaching children

In this kind of education, we sat together with villagers and students. We talk about the way to improve our good intention and motivation. We exchange our experiences with villagers. We do this because they also have a lot of experiences of life during the time living in the village.

Teaching English at Harsh Vardhan Children Academy Village

Here one of the volunteer from South Korea was teaching English at Harsh Vardhan Children Academy Village, Prempur Distt. Kannauj UP India. One Indian girl was standing beside her to translate from English to Hindi.

S.V. Inter College, Chivramau, Kannouj

Here is a big school. Many students are getting education form here. Every year we organized some programs with respect to education.

School Activities

One volunteer from South Korea teaching children about playing foot ball at Harsh Vardhan children academy village Prempur Distt. Kannauj Uttar Pradesh.

Cutting hair

like a brother and sister, a volunteer was cutting hair of school kid.


Students are at Tathagat Institute of Information Technologycenter with some sponsors of sewing machine, middle row, second from left: The Instructor; Jun from Indonesia; Ven. Hong In Sunim from South Korea; Ven. Upanand from India; Suresh the YBS’s President and Rakesh the Vocational Course Coordinator.


Girls were making handicraft items cloths at Sewing Center.

Social Education

We also provide social, culture and morality education, because children should also know a little bit about their social responsibility, this kind of education should be given to them by this age. In this kind of education, teachers giving them advised about morality and how to behave properly, in front of elder people, same age friends, and younger fellow.