COVID-19 Relief Activities

    सब्बे सत्ता सुखी होन्तु, सब्बे होन्तु च खेमिनो!

सब्बे भद्राणि पश्चन्तु, माकंचि दुःखमागमा!!

   We pray every day that ‘May all sentient beings be happy, healthy… COVID-19 is the biggest disaster of the 21st century. Millions of people are suffering from it around the world. Government, Organizations, Private institutions, and individuals are helping the people who are facing the problem for livelihood. YBS India is also supporting the needy peoples according to the capacity. We are providing them food, wheat flour, rice, sugar, cooking oil, spices, cloths, face mask, medicines, etc.

Some pictures of support.

Due to pandemic COVID-19 countless people are striving for food. YBS India is supplying food, water, biscuits, vegetables, and ration kit in different states regularly. Our many volunteers are supporting this cause. Today on Holy festival of Islam Eid, the YBS India team distributed ration kit to 51 Muslim families (approx 255 members).

Under the leadership of YBS Delhi President Ven.Karuna Bodhi Ji, His team provided a ration kit to 110 families( approx 550 members) today at Karuna Buddha Vihar Kiradi, New Delhi.YBS India thanks to INEB and Sidharth Intent society organizations for their financial assistance.

Due to COVID-19 hundreds of people going back to their home on foot on sunny and hot days without food and water. On 19th May 2020,YBS Bhusawal, Maharashtra team provided food and water to 140 migrants.

Today on 15th May 2020 YBS India team distributed COVID-19 relief ration kit to 66 families(approx 330 members) and biscuits to children of village Malkhiya and Vardniya, block Alipur Khera, Mainpuri.

Today YBS India provided COVID-19 Emergency Relief Ration Kit to the 73 families (approx 365 members) at Village Lakhanpur, Alipurkhera, district Mainpuri according to the local administration list. Even it was a very sunny day today but YBS team gave preference to the needy peoples.

YBS India Delhi president Ven. Karuna Bodhi provided ration to 1500 needy people in Delhi till now. He donated from his money received in donations from devotees.

On the special occasion of Buddha Purnima (Vaishakh Purnima), YBS India organized a campaign to benefit maximum needy people during the COVID-19 lockdown. YBS India provides emergency ration kit to the 66 families (Approx 330 people) of Sankisa, Jasrajpur, Nurampur villages. YBS also provide Kheer (rice pudding) to 400 people as a Prasad of Holy Buddha Purnima. On the same day YBS India’s branch Buddhist temple Gokul Shakyamuni Buddha Vihar, Udaypur Khurd, Etawah provided Kheer to 300 people and Dhamma books to 50 peoples.

Today on 2nd May 2020 YBS India team distributed food materials to the 60 families of Banjara Colony, Manikpur Mainpuri in presence of government officials. Peoples were happy to receive our support.

Food material distributed at Sankisa on 28th April to 25 families.

Food material distributed at Bhaisrauli, Sankisa Town on 27th April to 36 families.

Food material distributed at snake charmer colony Dumar Khas on 26th April to 60 families.

Food material distribution at Kashiram Colony, Bhongoan, to the needy peoples.

Food material distribution at Sarai Aghat, Sankisa to the needy peoples.

Food material distribution to the needy peoples of Jasrajpur, Nurampur, etc. villagers.

Food material distribution to the newspaper distributor boys.

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YBS’s humanitarian help to the poor and needy is deeply appreciated and admired. Please keep it up with your excellent service to the destitute during this unprecedented and unbelievable global crisis brought about by inconsiderate and evil people who only think about their shortsighted image and totalitarian rule of tyranny.
Thank you for your generous effort to uplift the poor with whatever you can. May Buddhas and Bodhisattvas bless you all. May the Dharma and truth prevail on this Earth. May all evil actions cease to operate in the universe, particularly, our world!

Thupten Kalden


It’s a wonderful commitment on the part of YBS India. I sincerely appreciate such a gesture during such difficult time which the whole world is facing today. We all rejoice such nobel deeds. Good luck and all the best.

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