Monks & Pali Language Training

Dear Dhamma brothers and sisters, we are pleased to announce that YBS India is organizing days 3 months Novice Monk Ordination and Pali Language training from 24 July to 20 October 2021 for 35 participants at YBS center, Sankisa, UP. India. We are extremely sorry to not provide this opportunity to more than 35 participants due to the pandemic COVID-19.

YBS India appeals for financial support to a holy cause.

For further information please write to us.

Today on 5th August 2021 all novice monks visited the main Sankisa Stupa. They did walking meditation from the YBS center to the Stupa. At the Stupa, all did three circumambulations chanting with Budhang Sarnang Gacchami, Dhammang Sarnang Gacchami, and Sanghang Sarnang Gacchami.After settling down and pay respect to the Stupa and did prayers. The Acharchaya Ven.Dr.Upanand Thero gave a Dhamma talk along with a meditation session. After prayers, meditation, and Dhamma talk, all monks returned back to the YBS center in walking meditation.