Preservation of our own culture is a must, at the same time we also advisable to know others countries culture, by exchanging idea about culture, we can create a good relationship.

This program start on 2003, we welcome everybody from any part of this world to join this program, generally we have two kinds of subprogram, firstly “Language & Culture Exchange Program“, and secondly “International Work Camp“.

This is also a way to create harmonious among youth, as an olden saying “Youth powers is a supreme power” and lets use it in a best way.

Understand others culture is one of the gateway to built peace among us.

Internation Youth Program

For this kind of activities many youths come to our centers for exchange there experience with our students and volunteers.

Work Camp

In this picture volunteers from different countries are volunteering in a center. We organize these programme every year.

Work Camp

Girls volunteers was doing work at Kanauj center.

Language Exchange
Language Exchange