Peace means harmonious relation and free from disputes, and this world never free from disputes, even from the very small disputes up to countries disputes, even so we never give up to raised awareness of the degree of peace we should create, at least start from our own.

Peace means working hand in hand together with tolerance and wisdom, put aside our own egocentrism, this is a small part of awareness we want to share to everyone around us.

Most of the problems created by human being, such as terrorism, war, drugs and weapons, caste system, religion dispute, race; even we also have to undergo such a big problems such as earthquake, flood, drought, tsunami, and so on.

More and more people come to join our “Peace March”, even from other countries, usually from university students, and our members. This program usually carry out in 2 weeks, march from one place to another place of buddhism historical places.

We need to take this responsibility, even we can not erase all the problems in this world, but at least we want to become the agent of changes and agent who contributes to create a better world, a world without dispute, and a world of peace.

Universal Peace March 5th
Universal Peace March 7th
Universal Peace March 4th
Universal Peace March 2nd