We have several families of Youth Buddhist Society who wants to know about Dhamma and other activities which could be essential for them in many ways.

Our community mostly deal with financial problem, whatever conditions we need. School building is to stay there and study for children. We collect money from our community and make shelter for them with the  purpose of provide good education.

We built many Buddhist temples, schools and community centers where many people can gather together and discuss on various topics.

Our construction mostly for the purpose of helping others that is why many people from others country also give a great contribution.

If anybody who wants to contribute, please contact us directly on details, you are most welcome. We have even several uncompleted centers, In this construction we take Sharamdana from local people or some volunteers who want to do help by physically for building a center.

We welcomes for all religious or non-religious people for generosity in such kind of construction.

Construction in Kannuj

Volunteers are volunteering for making college roof at Inter college and meditating park Baraipur,Chibramau, Kannuj

Tathagat Gautam Buddha

The building is constructing at Tathagat Gautam Buddha Inter collage Nagla Kothi, Distt. Etha.

Buddha Vihar

Here is one of the Buddha Vihar building is being constructing at Buddha Vihar / community centre village Naviganj Distt. Mainpuri. In these kinds building we have Buddha’s statue so people can make pray or social activities.

Buddha Vihar

This building is being constructing Buddha Vihar / village community centre village at Nagla Damber.