In this materialistic world, everybody talking about money, payment and salary, such a rare encounter someone who willingly to do something out of their own free will, if there is such a person, of course we are aware so much about returning the kindness by many means, not only materialistic.

The altruistic mind still can be found in India, and this happened here, even more and more volunteers from others countries, universities, students came every year to help us to develop community within the village.

Bring together those who already experienced and those who are very new about community building, we create a opportunity for everybody to move beyond the boundary and bring about changes and creative thinking.

Based on the simplicity mindset, we gather together in camps, brainstorming, exchange information. During the activities we usually stay near certain villages to serve the community, help on plantation, water and drain system, repair road, also cultural exchange between the villagers and participants.

There are many volunteers in YBS, so we provide them training in order perform better when they working together within the communities. In these camps monks also comes to join our training program.

The president of Youth Buddhist Society is giving training to a large number of volunteers in Gautam Buddha Inter College, Mainpuri – Uttar Pradesh.