Sankissa, as one of India’s ancient cities, came into prominence at the time of Gautama Buddha. Years later King Ashoka developed the area by building a stupa and a temple commemorating the visit of Lord Buddha along with Brahma Ji and Devraj Indra and also installed one of his famous Ashoka Stambh (pillars) there. This temple still exists and the stupa’s ruins are also present. Other ruins of old monasteries and Buddhist monuments are also present. Although the area is one of the holy sites in Buddhism, it is rarely visited by pilgrims since it is difficult to reach and has not been developed.

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Sankashya Buddhist Eucation – Project


Where the Blessed One descended from Tushita Heaven

"Four places are always determined in advance:
where the Buddhas shall attain Buddhahood;
where they shall begin to preach;
where they shall expound the law and refute heretics;
and where they shall descend from the Tushita Heaven after having preached to their mothers.
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