Community Development

Community is a group of people living in particular local area, development is a process which the the level of many aspects of the community passes to better stage, this is our aims to work out.

How to develop people who living in particular local area? Buddha taught us various teaching, and one of them is Sharamadana, we translate this term into “The physical generosity” in brief giving our precious energy to accomplished something useful for the community.

The Physical generosity is a voluntary service that we organize near villages and schools by doing “village and school cleaning” to create a new habit of keeping village and school neat and tidy, at the same time friendship will bloom automatically.

We built a simple building “Community center” in many places, the villagers free to use it as pray hall, meditation, villagers meeting, wedding ceremony, culture program, pre-school and festival celebration.

In this way, we can raised awareness of villagers how to protect our environment from pollution and other consequences of human activities, we are the one who have to take this responsibility and behave in a proper way.

The simple way of explaining this ethics even understand by wide range of villagers, from small kids up to illiterate old age villagers, by this simple way of explanation, we belive the community will develop to another high state and maintain through the next generation after generation.

Buddha Vihar is being built in Nagala Baury Distt. Kannauj.

Cleaning Village

Village people do this work very often, so by which they can keep their village clean and neat. They cleans the surrounding environment and polluted water-way so there is less chance for disease to spread near there villages.

Health Camp

Health Camp

We organized free medical camps with the help of private and government doctors.


Most of our villagers are farmer and belongs to local village, so we organized training mainly focus on organic agriculture, being aware of the disadvantages of chemical agriculture for all beings and soil and in turn give bad impact to environment, we share our experience on how to save our environment.