Dear Dhamma brothers and sisters
Greetings to all
we are very happy to announce that we start to conduct Meditation and Dhamma classes on 2nd and 4th Sunday every month at Buddhist training Institute and cultural center,jaipur.
please you all are welcome
for more information please contact us
Mr.Narendra Bauddha (President)-09829018055

Date-18-22nd June 2017
Conducted in Hindi

Subject-:Eight Verses of Mind Training by Geshe Langri Tangpa

Led by Ven. Choegon Rinpoche, Ajeer Vidya and Raji Ramanan


This event is being organize by YBS India for promoting lay sangha to become generous towards ordain  sangha by donating the things which are useful for monks and nuns. Along with Indian sangha some our dhamma friends from foreign will also join. is anyone want to participate please contact us.

With much metta

11-18th February 2016

Venue-YBS Center, Sankisa, Uttar Pradesh

There are many Buddhist monks around  Sankissa. Mostly all are belongs to Shakya clan. Without any proper training & guidance old age people get ordination by self. Even they do not having any qualified Bhikhu to give them proper Youth Buddhist Society of India (YBS India) started to provide proper training to monks with highly qualified monk sangha from Thailand. ven. Maitree Thero is our main instructor for the training happens every year.

Dear Dhamma friends
we are happy to announce that we YBS will organize regular Meditation and Dhamma Classes every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at YBS center,Sankisa. All are welcome to join it.


Dr.Ven. Upanad Thero, The secretary of YBS. He ordained in year 1991 in Shravasti (where Buddha spent his 25 rainy seasons) by Venerable Pragyanand Maha Thero in Srilankan Theravada tradition.
He had been to Britain twice, for the purpose of giving Dharma teaching.
He has been working with Youth Buddhist Society as Dharma resource person since many years. He completed his Ph.D from Lucknow in Rise and  growth of Buddhism in United Province-1858-1947. Now he is Assistant Professor at International Research Institute of Buddhist Studies at Lucknow

8th Indian Buddhist Retreat (conducted in Hindi)

24-29th May 2015
Venue- Deer Park Institute,Bir,Himachal Pradesh
led by- Prof.Samdhong Rinpoche, Ven,Choegon Rinpoche,Ven.Sumati, Ajir Vidhya and Smt.Raji Ramnan

His Holiness The Dalai Lama

Dear Dhamma brothers and sisters,

YBS India is happy to announce that His Holiness the Dalai Lama's visit was unforgettable  at Sankissa, Uttar Pradesh. He gave two days teachings on request of YBS India, from 31st January till-1 February 2015. His Holiness  gave teachings on Dhammapada . Around 60000 people attained the teachings and everyone was so happy to listen him at Sankisa. YBS wants to thanks all supporters for organizing the event successful

Sankissa, as one of India’s ancient cities, came into prominence at the time of Gautama Buddha. Years later King Ashoka developed the area by building a stupa and a temple commemorating the visit of Lord Buddha along with Brahma Ji and Devraj Indra and also installed one of his famous Ashoka Stambh (pillars) there. This temple still exists and the stupa’s ruins are also present. Other ruins of old monasteries and Buddhist monuments are also present. Although the area is one of the holy sites in Buddhism, it is rarely visited by pilgrims since it is difficult to reach and has not been developed.

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Sankashya Buddhist Eucation – Project


Where the Blessed One descended from Tushita Heaven

"Four places are always determined in advance:
where the Buddhas shall attain Buddhahood;
where they shall begin to preach;
where they shall expound the law and refute heretics;
and where they shall descend from the Tushita Heaven after having preached to their mothers.
Other places are chosen according to circumstances." (Fa Hien) ...continue reading